The Team's Sports Advantages and Disadvantages For Your Child

Nowadays, besides children, there is a sport in front of the school, most of all a team work. And just like so many things, it has advantages and disadvantages in the physical, emotional and mental areas.

The decision of which is greater, the advantages or disadvantages of parents and children.

Emotional Benefits:

– Learn the value of teamwork

– They will learn how to work in a team

They develop their ability to trust someone

– They learn to choose trustworthy people

– Creating More Friendships

Emotional Disadvantages:

– the chance not to be the best

– emotional effects not the best can affect the child's self-esteem

Mental Benefits:

– physical activity stimulates the brain

– Sport dissipates school stress and pressure, so after exercises, lessons will automatically be easier to understand and learn.

– Competitive sport takes precedence over child education

– learning is negligible

– lack of a mental challenge

Physical Benefits:

– learn to fit,

– ensures the child's large and healthy growth

– obesity protects them

Physical disadvantages:

– long-term risk of injury
– Early overload of joints, ligaments and muscles may lead to joint and tendon problems, arthritis, back and neck problems

These questions must be re-examined before deciding on the type of sport. The child will exercise .

Source by Esmeralda Dean

Different Kinds of Sports Board and why they & # 39; So Fun

I do not what this is about water board sports, but happen to be very fun and very addicting. This may be because the challenge is unique to each board in sports that are attractive. This may be because of the natural attraction to people that the water be it a lake, river or ocean. Or you might simply in the open air, which millions of people every year you want to hit the water on the various boards.

Here & # 39; and a list of different types of board sports, we all enjoy during the summer months, unless you happen to be lucky and live in warm / hot place.

Surfing: This board sport happens to be the most popular and the most challenging of all board sports. Once you master this sport is very fun and very addicting. This sport has been mainstream for a long time the best athletes in the sport Search millions of dollars annually from sponsors and tournaments. If you & # 39; I never tried surfing you owe it to yourself to try it once in your life.

body boarding / boogie boarding: Body boards is much smaller than a surfboard and are made of either fiberglass or wood. Riding a body board is very different than a surfboard. Rather than stand up on the board is found in the stomach and legs are usually paddle fins that work best to increase the speed. It is also different from the surfing, body boarders try to catch waves that are closer to the shore, rather than paddle way out of the surf. Body boarding is increasingly becoming the main stream sport over the past few decades.

Skimboarding: This sport is fun and challenging, but also to break into the main stream sports hall. Skimboarding is a sign that & # 39; and half way on a surfboard (without fins), and body board. And instead of paddling out to sea on board, such as surfing or body boarding you run aboard in the sand, and the opportune time throwing the board down and skimming the sand waves, and hopefully catching a wave on the board before you delete Who. Skimboarding is a big, very fun sport that almost anyone can try almost any age.

Wakeboarding: This sport is usually a lake sport that pulls you in a boat and pull it down like water skiing, except for the board looks as a body board and snowboard like a pair of water skies. At first, this sport is a challenge, but stick with it and once you & # 39; ve mastered the art of getting up on the board, you & # 39; and have a blast!

Source by Jason B Fackrell

Ping-pong, My Favorite Sport

Most people love outdoor games and recreation. Basketball, baseball, football, tennis, you name it. But if you're interested in the game, without having to go out of doors, and table-tennis or ping pong for you. It's the same funds tennis, but instead of playing on the court, it plays to the green table. The bedroom of the border between you and your opponent. The aim of the game is to toss the ball towards the opponent's area and try to touch down on his desk and he has to hit it back to the side of the table to create a steady game. The result is up to 12. If a player is unable to hit and throw back a score of his opponent. If the ball is in the net, the player who throws to a net loss of effect.

The ball hits the edge kept blowing. The game just goes on and on, and the first player to score 12 or love, a ping-pong expression, wins the game. As you play, you will unknowingly disciplining yourself, especially your hands as you maneuver a stroke that left the ball in the playground. For table tennis, a table in a limited space, you have to be extra pounced on where the ball will land, so the discipline of the force and stroke as well.

Ping-pong or table tennis is very enjoyable sport. Anyone can play the game. It is best if you do not go because of the weather outdoors. Why not pick up a ping-pong and play there? When the daily stress it seems too much to bear, and you just want to loosen up, get up, grab that handy racquet and head to the green table with someone for a healthy, relaxing game of ping pong.

Source by Sonia Llesol

The History of Water Sports

Swimming noted many of the classics, such as that of heroism and religion. Nicolas Wynman & # 39; and dialogue regarding the Art of Swimming (1538) is the first written document recorded swimming techniques. Swimming in the Olympics for the first time in 1896, in parallel with the development of the basin. Swimming the English Channel is the biggest non-Olympic event publicity. This demonstrates excellence in strength and endurance. Matthew Webb of England was the first man to cross the English Channel in 1875, and later Gertrude Ederle of the United States of America was the first woman to pass 1926


diving exotic fish and aquamarine life of a popular holiday adventure. In ancient times, snorkels were formed hollow reed marshes and lakes found. Pliny the Elder, a Roman first century refers to snorkel, so the activities will rank as one of the oldest recorded water sports. Loenardo da Vinci created a more modern snorkel when the Venetian Senate summons him to do so. Divers attached to this hollow tube leather helmets
Today's diving & # 39; Snorkel and typically a J-shaped tube which is open at the top, and has a mouthpiece at the other end, usually no more than 2 feet (61 cm) long.

American West coasters are crazy about riding the waves on a surfboard as wooden planks. Originally, surfing in Hawaii developed the nineteenth century. It became popular in California in the 1920s and became a hit in youth sports in the 1960s.

Surfers originally a long, cumbersome planks, but now ride lightweight synthetic boards that allow for greater maneuverability. Hawaii holds annual international surfing championship.

Water Polo originated in England in 1870, and the US has joined the bandwagon of the 1900s. Many clubs and college teams, there are strict sport. The Americans gave the game a twist by using a softer rubber ball of a larger pool, water polo game known as softball. The violence and rough play that ended the fraction of the sport, and today only the capital version is still played around the world. Men began to Olympic level water polo in 1900 and the women first played in the 2000 Olympics

Diving, another favorite Olympic sport initiated a competition in 1871 down London Bridge. Diving is now a popular sport at school and university level, and it is a magnificent display of power, control and agility.

Source by Keith Kingston

Different types of sport

Football is a very popular competitive team sports. The goal of this game is to score more points than the other team. You can score points in various ways, as the book of the ball on the goal line, running the ball to the goal line, catching a pass, standing behind the goal line, and many other ways. Who has the most points wins the game. The ball is a ball-shaped oval. The game is played on a grass field, which is 360 feet to 160 feet. The field is separated by lines in many games. Each team tends to play all 11 players on the field.

Read more competitive teams playing the sport of baseball. It is played with a bat and a ball is a little hard. The team with the most points collected in the games. Score is calculated by how many players crossed home plate. One team bats while the other team pitches and plays outfield. After so many strikes, they are reversed. The diamond-shaped field and made up the grass and dirt. There are 9 players per team.

Softball is a lot like baseball. It is played with a bat and a softer version of baseball. Softball same course, baseball is not, and the same rules apply, though softball is often more secure bases are called bases. Safe bases, so the first baseman and the runner-up do not collide with each other during the game. You will usually see these bases Children & # 39; s softball and women & # 39; s softball games. Points can also calculate how many players crossed home plate. After so many strikes, field teams are reversed from the racket.

This is a competitive team sport. He played a big round ball and a hoop or a basket. The goal of this game is to get the ball in the hoop more times than the other team. Every time the ball goes in the hoop to get points. The value depends on the point where the player is when you shoot the ball in the hoop. The court baskets or hoops at each end of a flat and firm surface. There are different sizes of court, depending on who's playing. Regulation court size 94 feet to 50 feet.

football team played a competitive game. This game is the ball that is round and large, and the nets two goals, one at each end of the field. The goal of this game is to score more points than the other team. You score points kicking the ball in the opponent & # 39; s goal. You may not use any hand in this game, except the goalkeeper, is a person who guards the gate. There are 22 players on the field at a time. The field length is changed to 50 yards to 120 yards, depending on who's playing and what the rules are used.

Source by Ivy Johnson

Vs Winter Sports Summer Sports

Vs Winter sports summer sports, who will win? As you may already know, seasons require different types of sports for the younger and older generations. Definitely it depends on which state, regional and national lives as well. The seasons and temperatures require different types of sport. Let & # 39; and a look at some sports you can perform in all seasons.

Winter Sports

Some classic winter sports firmly covered, gymnastics, basketball, hockey and indoor tennis courts. These sports can be performed at any given season, whether it is cold or not. People like indoor activities during the colder seasons, simply because it helps them to remain fit and shape throughout the year. Some people tend to only summer sports that is not balanced lifestyle and health. If you want to become a successful health care, employment, sport and you definitely need to do for winter sports as well.

Summer sports:

The people means more summer sports such as winter sports, then what is it? Well, in the summer it has the opportunity to face a range of outdoor activities such as soccer, basketball, street hockey, beach activities, water sports, tennis, jogging, hiking, climbing, etc. Probably as many options in the summer are full. The only difference is that we humans tend to be lazy when it's cold outside. Summer sports help you stay in shape and enjoy the sunny days during the warmer and warmer season. There are different types of activities carried out by having a player and multiplayer. Playing the case of football, basketball, street hockey, and at least two players, the better. The fun and enjoyment factor is many times greater if you play with friends, family and other people, you know. The sport is mostly boring and inadequate. However, in sports such as jogging and swimming can be performed on a person, and do not require another person.

How do you know which are the best winter and summer sports to you? You just have to try different activities to find the one that suits your taste and trend the most. However, if he loves more time and aim to get into shape you probably would not mind doing more sports in one season. Each sport has different focus and trains different muscles. Just go to the gym can be too one-sided, so it should be at least three sports at the same time motivate.

Source by Arno G.

Determination of True Fitness and Sports Conditioning

Air Conditioning is a word that is used a lot in the fitness industry, but what does it really mean to conditioning? There are those that are ripped power plant, marathon runners go through a kind of endurance conditioning, and there is the climate, which is necessary for the fighters and martial artists.

Conditioning can come out as a concept it is the hard core of hard work and training to build your body, so you can do or endure what the sport needs it.

And it & # 39; It s true.

However, it is not the whole picture of what it means to be a conditioned athlete. Building the body, and it & # 39; s performance potential, the result is only associated to having "great conditioning".

The other half of the definition conditioning is more about discipline, standards and values ​​that are accepted.

"High-conditioning" is the result of the adoption and integration of customs, norms and values, which slowly changes over time and transform the conditions of the body.

air conditioning is not so much to build it yourself, but adopting a more specific way that will serve you in the long run, which is beneficial for performance and implementation skills in a particular sport or physical activity.

So, how to integrate the high-conditioner ritual? The one that fits your needs chosen based on athletics or physical activity?

A good starting point for looking at where the values ​​put into the sport. By looking at the components that we have a natural tendency to prefer and value, it is a platform where you can design yourself a discipline, it is more than likely to commit themselves.

For example, naturally prefer cardio then used to form the base degree condition, not only for large hearts, but a way to condition the right way, more power and greater stamina to do the activity that the source of the heart. It & # 39; It s also a great way to develop the secondary attributes. For example, if typically rely on cardio jogging but others want to develop physical skills or work on some upper body cardio boxing than it is worth. Or you may want to develop the right foot coordination, and some skipping rope.
focusing on what is more like it, are more likely to build and develop a discipline and a place where discipline is the best device to flow.

Furthermore, discipline is an effective way to predispose itself to the growth and improvement in a specific skill or trait. After you create the discipline of a particular practice, you & # 39; It s just a matter of pressing himself and upping the ante in order to improve and refine that conditioning.

Let me leave one last thought, and this is where thinking in terms of the kind of conditioning you feel you need to have any fitness goal that you strive to what habits have to accept, and how the process of training instead of what you have to do is reach out and achieve the goal that finally arrives. Chances are that when you arrive at your destination, in order to maintain it, then you need to maintain your conditioning maintenance practices that are there in the first place.

Air Conditioning is a process.

Source by Clinton Boucheix

Trivia Questions and Answers – Sports trivia questions

Looking for something fun to do the next party or family event? Why not try trivia? It's fun, exciting and everyone can participate. Age, gender and the number of people does not matter. Trivia for everyone and can be played anywhere.

Sports trivia is a great choice because almost everyone knows something about the sport. It may not be a hockey fan, but what can you skate or sailing? Almost everyone has knowledge or information about any sport. You do not have to be the world & # 39; s biggest fan to enjoy sports trivia. You can print and enjoy the fifty questions that you have put together all the different sports and sports figures. Test your knowledge or your friends. Enjoy!

1: Britain & # 39; Linford Christie and banned from competing for two years in the sport?
in the 100m dash, because positive for drugs.

2: Which country & # 39; s entire team ruled out competing in the Paralympics in Sydney?
In Spain, they were caught entering non-disabled athletes in the game.

3: Which sports figure holds the record for the most times appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated?
A: Michael Jordan, he was on the cover 47 times.

4: Who is the one person at a time to play games and NFL MLB game in a day?
A: Deion Sanders

5: Which two countries have not missed one of the today's Olympics?
in Greece and Australia

6: Which goalie holds the record for most wins in regular season play?
A: Patrick Roy

7: What is the maximum weight of a golf ball?
A: 1.6oz

8: In Olympic badminton how many feathers of the bird is not there?
to 14

9: What professional sport robber John Dillinger was a bank play?
A: Baseball

10: Who was the one who decided that both the football and baseball Hall of Fame?
A: Cal Hubbard

11: Wayne Levi was the first golfer to win a PGA tournament is a colored ball. What color is the ball?
The Orange

12: Which track and field event is banned in high schools in every state except Rhode Island?
A: The hammer throw

13: the World Cup of Soccer has won only three European countries. Who are they?
A: West Germany, England and Italy.

14: Which NHL team was called the St. Patricks?
A: The Toronto Maple Leafs

15: What sport other than baseball uses the word & # 39; Homerun & # 39;?
The Cricket

16: What sport awards the Maurice Podoloff Trophy?
In basketball, you will be awarded the most valuable player

17: How many panels make up a soccer ball?
to 32

18: How many stitches in a baseball?
to 108

19: Who was the first female parachutist?
The Jean Genvieve Gran Erin in 1799, he jumped in a hot air balloon.

20: What is the most watched sport in the world?
A: football (soccer).

21: In which sport is the largest number of participants in the world?
A: Fishing.

22: In what year it became a legal sport of boxing in the United States?
in 1901

23: What edible substance was found golf balls?
The Honey

24: Who holds baseball & # 39; s record for most stolen bases in a season?
A: Rickey Henderson

25: Who holds the record for the longest streak shock baseball?
A: Joe DiMaggio, 56 games.

26: Who holds the record for most career rebounds in basketball?
A: Wilt Chamberlain

27: Who holds the record for the most in basketball irregularity?
A: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 4657th

28: Who holds the record for most blocked shots in basketball?
A: Hakeem Olajuwon 3830th

29: In what year was the ice dance in the World Cup?
A: In 1952, in Paris.

30: Who holds the record for most homeruns in a season?
A: Barry Bonds of his record in 2001.

31: Which woman silver medal in the men & # 39; s World Figure Skating Championships in 1902?
A: Madge SYERS after the cave, there was no women & # 39; s events and no rule of man & # 39; and she says she could not compete.

32: Who was the first woman to win a woman & # 39; s World Figure Skating Championships?
A: Madge SYERS after a cave, he won the 1906

33: What is the name of the stadium where the Houston Astros play?
A: Minute Maid Park

34: What sport is not the Houston Astros play?
A: Baseball

35: Which country won the gold medal in the men & # 39; and beach volleyball at the 2008 Summer Olympics?
in the USA, the team Rogers / Dalhausser beat the Brazilian team to win the gold.

36: Who holds the record for the most goals in the NHL?
A: Wayne Gretzky, he scored 894.

37: you want to use the terms reefing and furling What sport?
A: Yachts

38: Which sport awards the Ryder Cup?
The Golf

39: Who holds the record for the most goals in a season in the NHL.
A: Wayne Gretzky, in the 81-82 season he scored 92 goals.

40: How many players on the field for each team in American football?
of 11, there are 12 Canadian football.

41: James Naismith is credited inventing a sport?
A: Basketball. When the game was first played in only 13 rules.

42: In which sport is the most important rule of three?
A: Basketball, it was introduced in 1936 to cut off contact between players.

43: In basketball how far away from the free throw line in the net?
of 15 feet or 4.6m.

44: How long is a football game?
A: 60 minutes.

45: What sport can you find a dagger and a trapeze?
A sailing.

46: Which country held the 2008 Olympics.
A: The Olympics were in Beijing, China.

47: Which sport awards the Winston Cup?

48: Which sport is not Sonny Liston participate?
A: Boxing was a heavy weight.

49: confirmed, won the triple crown in 1978, who is the regular jockey?
A: Steve Cauthen and he was the youngest jockey ever to win the triple crown.

50: Who won eight gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics?
The Michael Phelps in swimming.

Source by Jane P. Long

optimum level of arousal inspirational athletic performance

Different sports will require a different optimal arousal achieve inspiring sporting performances. The game of American football, rugby and weightlifting as you can imagine, the higher the arousal level, the greater the strength, aggressiveness and energy produced. This type of sport, it is about overwhelming their opponents peak performance in sports. Other more subtle than the sport of archery, shooting and gymnastics, high levels of anxiety can impede rather than peak power of sport to promote. In such circumstances, it should be appropriate to reduce the level of arousal level of sporting success. Tournaments specific situations in the excitement of the occasion. So you need to manage all the competition faced by arousal level athletes.

level of growing excitement

first Listening to inspiring music

Music is a power tool to raise the level of vigilance and to achieve an inspiring sporting performances. Before the race, you can listen to inspiring music, to increase the excitement at optimal levels. Listening to audio tracks, or the like Rocky theme music a huge impact on arousal levels. Be careful not to overdo it though. Know your limits and maintain revival there.

2. Psyching quite self-talk and debate team

Team strength and self negotiations techniques to raise arousal levels and improves inspirational sports performances . Team negotiations are carried out, the coach or captain who must be skilled in the team to raise the stakes before the game. Loud language, language and aggressive purposeful movements often associated with a good rousing team talk. But the best ingredients of a good team motivational speech actually sharing a common purpose and a feeling among teammates. This will help everyone feel united and passionately driven to the game. Individual sports, you can either do it yourself through self-talk, effective or another person, which is closely related to you. The coach or parent often play this role.

3. visualization of large events

You can also use visualization of large events to increase the pace before the game sports an inspiring performances. For example, if a linebacker, you've done the best ever picture bag. Repeat the pictures over and over again, your mind is flooded with great emotion arousal. Another form of visualization that can help shed light on the ultimate success of the game, soaking in the festive atmosphere associated with winning.

level of decreasing arousal

first Breath control

If you need to lower arousal, breathing control techniques may be useful to achieve inspiring sporting performances. Once you find the heart or too quickly begins to feel butterflies in the stomach, turn your attention and focus to your breathing. Concentrate on inhaling and exhaling slowly, focusing on each breath at a time. Slow down physiological response, other anxiety reactions slow down resulting in a more relaxed person.

2. Visualization soothing events

calming visualization can be used to reduce arousal level events, and to achieve this inspirational sports performances. When you start to feel too excited before a sports job, change your thinking to a relaxing and soothing environment. It is a slow dance Select Images or lying on the beach a favorite rest stop. Close your eyes can help temporarily. It's also a good idea to stock a list of favorite scenes, and change if needed.

arousal level rises and drops deepening the situation. Most of the competition will raise the level of excitement that is too unhealthy inspirational sports performances. The good thing is that there are ways to manipulate arousal level. After all, the level of physiological arousal in nature. Just like a disease, it can be treated, so can the desire level.

Source by Jimmy Tong

What extreme sports?

The extreme sports can be defined as any activity that a high level of real or perceived threat. This can be anything from bungee jumping, hang gliding, scuba diving snowboarding and mountaineering extreme ironing – literally anything that will be classified as an extreme adrenaline pumping! Originally extreme sports were adult sports such as described above, but the term now includes sports like skateboarding and bmxing are popular with teenagers as well.

The history of the "extreme sports" is quite often associated with Ernest Hemingway, who declared that "there are only three sports. – Bullfighting, motor racing and mountaineering, and the rest of the game ' Whether you agree with this statement or not, it is clear that back in 1950, related to the term sport, which can lead to death.

Most extreme sports solitary activity, although there are exceptions to the rule, such as paintball (yes it's really extreme, you get a game), and white water rafting are clearly the two teams sport. Most people become interested in one or more at a young age, and generally just get a coach, you do not want to continue the sport – it's definitely different from other sports such as football and swimming, for example.

Another difference between extreme sports and normal to the sport that the athlete's performance is not as clear. For example, a person's ability to rock climb evaluate subjective and aesthetic considerations, but also the rate or score level. A tip for all that is different, and variables can change the other sports, you simply can not create a set of system performance. Of course, this is not the case for all extreme sports, but this is the norm for most.

Today there is an international competition that celebrates this sport called X Games. This includes people involved in extreme sports in a controlled environment. It began in the US in 1995 and is now a highly watched the race around the world. It also enabled a number of extreme sporters, to participate in the sport full time because of the level of sponsorship received.

Rain trendy skateboard or scuba diving or any other sport, one, one thing is certain – the adrenaline is pumping and you are sure that the experience that is like no other that I had!

Source by Laura Ginn