Ping-pong, My Favorite Sport

Most people love outdoor games and recreation. Basketball, baseball, football, tennis, you name it. But if you're interested in the game, without having to go out of doors, and table-tennis or ping pong for you. It's the same funds tennis, but instead of playing on the court, it plays to the green table. The bedroom of the border between you and your opponent. The aim of the game is to toss the ball towards the opponent's area and try to touch down on his desk and he has to hit it back to the side of the table to create a steady game. The result is up to 12. If a player is unable to hit and throw back a score of his opponent. If the ball is in the net, the player who throws to a net loss of effect.

The ball hits the edge kept blowing. The game just goes on and on, and the first player to score 12 or love, a ping-pong expression, wins the game. As you play, you will unknowingly disciplining yourself, especially your hands as you maneuver a stroke that left the ball in the playground. For table tennis, a table in a limited space, you have to be extra pounced on where the ball will land, so the discipline of the force and stroke as well.

Ping-pong or table tennis is very enjoyable sport. Anyone can play the game. It is best if you do not go because of the weather outdoors. Why not pick up a ping-pong and play there? When the daily stress it seems too much to bear, and you just want to loosen up, get up, grab that handy racquet and head to the green table with someone for a healthy, relaxing game of ping pong.

Source by Sonia Llesol

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