The History of Water Sports

Swimming noted many of the classics, such as that of heroism and religion. Nicolas Wynman & # 39; and dialogue regarding the Art of Swimming (1538) is the first written document recorded swimming techniques. Swimming in the Olympics for the first time in 1896, in parallel with the development of the basin. Swimming the English Channel is the biggest non-Olympic event publicity. This demonstrates excellence in strength and endurance. Matthew Webb of England was the first man to cross the English Channel in 1875, and later Gertrude Ederle of the United States of America was the first woman to pass 1926


diving exotic fish and aquamarine life of a popular holiday adventure. In ancient times, snorkels were formed hollow reed marshes and lakes found. Pliny the Elder, a Roman first century refers to snorkel, so the activities will rank as one of the oldest recorded water sports. Loenardo da Vinci created a more modern snorkel when the Venetian Senate summons him to do so. Divers attached to this hollow tube leather helmets
Today's diving & # 39; Snorkel and typically a J-shaped tube which is open at the top, and has a mouthpiece at the other end, usually no more than 2 feet (61 cm) long.

American West coasters are crazy about riding the waves on a surfboard as wooden planks. Originally, surfing in Hawaii developed the nineteenth century. It became popular in California in the 1920s and became a hit in youth sports in the 1960s.

Surfers originally a long, cumbersome planks, but now ride lightweight synthetic boards that allow for greater maneuverability. Hawaii holds annual international surfing championship.

Water Polo originated in England in 1870, and the US has joined the bandwagon of the 1900s. Many clubs and college teams, there are strict sport. The Americans gave the game a twist by using a softer rubber ball of a larger pool, water polo game known as softball. The violence and rough play that ended the fraction of the sport, and today only the capital version is still played around the world. Men began to Olympic level water polo in 1900 and the women first played in the 2000 Olympics

Diving, another favorite Olympic sport initiated a competition in 1871 down London Bridge. Diving is now a popular sport at school and university level, and it is a magnificent display of power, control and agility.

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