The Team's Sports Advantages and Disadvantages For Your Child

Nowadays, besides children, there is a sport in front of the school, most of all a team work. And just like so many things, it has advantages and disadvantages in the physical, emotional and mental areas.

The decision of which is greater, the advantages or disadvantages of parents and children.

Emotional Benefits:

– Learn the value of teamwork

– They will learn how to work in a team

They develop their ability to trust someone

– They learn to choose trustworthy people

– Creating More Friendships

Emotional Disadvantages:

– the chance not to be the best

– emotional effects not the best can affect the child's self-esteem

Mental Benefits:

– physical activity stimulates the brain

– Sport dissipates school stress and pressure, so after exercises, lessons will automatically be easier to understand and learn.

– Competitive sport takes precedence over child education

– learning is negligible

– lack of a mental challenge

Physical Benefits:

– learn to fit,

– ensures the child's large and healthy growth

– obesity protects them

Physical disadvantages:

– long-term risk of injury
– Early overload of joints, ligaments and muscles may lead to joint and tendon problems, arthritis, back and neck problems

These questions must be re-examined before deciding on the type of sport. The child will exercise .

Source by Esmeralda Dean

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